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Founded in 1974, Jokari® began by marketing a patented paddle ball game called simply Jokari, surprising and delighting consumers everywhere and sparking a company known for innovative and quirky products. Today, we still have a special place in our hearts for those slightly crazy looking products that solve life’s annoying little household problems. Gadgets are at our core! Jokari is an established and successful product company featuring our flagship line of “Crazy But It Works!” unique kitchen gadgets as well as helpful household storage and organization products.

Jokari is also an international leader in over-the-door storage solutions, with items that organize everything from purses to ball caps to sandals. Through innovation and a unique dialogue with inventors, Jokari has grown into a popular kitchen gadget, home storage and organization company with a growing line of exclusive products.

First in the marketplace, Healthy Steps™ is still the only comprehensive line of tools dedicated to practical portion control at home, with no extra weighing or measuring of food or the counting of points or calories.

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It’s Crazy, But It Works!

Jokari has several new and exciting prouduct lines.
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What can Jokari do for you?

Have a great idea for the next big thing in kitchen gadgets or home storage and organization? Share your ideas with us and you could see your product on the shelf. Jokari never asks for money for invention submissions and you can earn royalties on your products should they go to market. One of our most popular gadgets selling now is from someone just like you. Click on the inventors link above to submit your products to Jokari.

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