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Two Ways to Think About Frozen Food Differently

Freezer Meals on Baggy Openers

National Frozen Food Day is this Monday, March 6th, so think frozen food reimagined! Frozen meals can be healthy and nutritious and are easy to prep and serve!

Proof That Moms Are Superheroes at Home

Mom Superhero

If you have ever needed proof that superheroes exist, look no further than the face of mom. Just take a look at these top reasons moms are superheroes at home!

Wine Wednesday - Why Should I Aerate My Wine?

Wine Glass

There’s much to be enjoyed about wine, but if there's anything in particular we love in a good glass of wine, it's flavor and freshness. To maintain both flavor and freshness at its highest level, it’s important to aerate your wine. Learn more!

Jokari Innovation Helping Local Food Bank

Great Muskoka Food Bank Logo and Jokari Baggy Opener

Jokari's innovative hands-free Baggy Opener has helped to "Make Life Better" for volunteers donating to their local food bank. Read to learn about their story!

How to Prepare Proper Portions for Pasta Night

Pasta Night Prep

Thursday pasta night might just be the best day of the week. At Jokari, we strongly believe a hearty plate of pasta, in fact, does #MakeLifeBetter. At the same time, it’s important to keep proper portion control in mind – for the health of your family and yourself. With healthy eating in mind, we’ve prepped a few tasty tidbits that will help keep pasta night in check, while maintaining all of the flavor and savory spice!

Jokari Healthy Steps New Year’s Giveaway!

Jokari Healthy Steps New Year's Giveaway

At Jokari, we’re here to help you take a healthy step forward this New Year! We’re doing a special giveaway in which one lucky friend will receive portion control favorites from our Healthy Steps Collection, all in an effort to help you jumpstart healthy eating this New Year!